The Contact Service

If you wish to send me a private message, please fill out the following form;

After being tested for SPAM, your form will enter the initial review period, which normally lasts between ten (10) to thirty (30) days.

Upon being reviewed, the receiving party (from now on The Guy) may take up to fifteen (15) days to fully read (although he might not understand) the form, depending on how many other forms are pending in the given periods.

If the form is so un-understandable that The Guy needs to seek additional clarification (and God forbid translation), this period alone may last for at least another fifteen (15) to twenty (20) business days (which sometimes, but not always include weekends, and sometimes, but not always exclude the rest of the week).

When the form is completely read and (mis)understood, it will be placed in the “Awaiting Response” queue, where the forms await the creation of a personally tailed response.

For masterpiece responses the waiting times might be up to thirty (30) business days, while you might receive a mass-produced response in one (1) to five (5) business days.


Please remember that upon receiving a response, you have eight (8) days to completely read, understand, and reply to the aforementioned response, or you shall be blacklisted and hunted down for your valuables.

Please enjoy our contact service!


Behind the Mask

About me… What about me?
Isn’t that the person… I mean purpose, of this blog?
To share my stories, and everything…
There are a few details I probably won’t include in my other writings,
and them I can clarify here.


Anyway, I am the Guy (Gaj) from an awesome, beautiful, little, messed up place commonly known as Slovenia.

My life is pretty much random, unpredictable, as is my appearance, and sometimes the way I act, and express myself.

I have been, and still am, moving around a lot – the pleasures, and pains of being able to call many places your home. The only stability in my life comes from within me – such as it is.

All the time I am meeting new people, and slowly losing contact with the old. Not really on purpose, it just becomes too much after a while.

I see my life as a mess of many different stuffs, and my world as a place of lingering confusion, and perpetuating mystery.

Above all else, I consider myself a person, and a writer ~ a creator.

Any reason you want to contact me for – go for it.

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