The Arena

Heavy tremors
in the distance

Roaring sounds
of the resistance

Behind the fields,
and hills,
all sorrow

Reminding hearts
there’s no tomorrow

To shine a light
on all the blood,
of silenced dreams,
the flood

running all around

The sheep

by a mighty hound

The masters
have set loose

To hide the fact
to be a sheep
you can but choose



Towards the place
that pure as light
stands on thrones
of dunes and sand

Towards the face
that makes me fight
against myself
on drowning land

Towards the space
in one short flight

Towards the space
where dreams,
as real they stand


A place away
from past
and dreams

A place to stay
a moment free

No time there
to wear its walls

No time left
to tear its halls

Just a place
we’ll always meet

Just a place
where no defeat

Can make us stray,
or sway our feet.


Spinning lights,
the world around


with its golden crown

Longer flights
the world around


every fallen star

Just Beyond

The Earth now cold
on Heavens called

To bring about
it’s angels’ horde

Where chaos still,
and freedom rule

‘Though full of beauty,
it’s sublime appeal

‘Though every hurt there
time may heal,

A journey hard
for ordered masks

Drowned in light,
that peace now just
beyond their grasps.


Joined in murder
freedoms past

Joined in murder,
free at last

As voice echoes
the empty halls

All silent,
left alone

Joined in murder
to a darker path

Joy in murder,
and a crazy laugh.


Fools and liars
broken hearts

Clueless victims,
all the
passers by

Trumps and jokers
with their
hungry eyes

Harbingers of chaos,
in the order
others try to hide

Silence Still

Silence deep
where laughs
should be

Silent sleep
from hurts
still seeps

And drowns
whatever thoughts
might creep

Of hope,
and golden hills,
and living dreams,…

But silence still
a weary heart
with peace will fill.

Not Alone

And all the clouds,
and liars gone
one – by – one
they sway,
then fall
one – by – one

As silence cleanses
caverns old
one – by – one
they pray,
then kneel
one – by – one

And flowers grow
on ruins cold
one – by – one
they start
to feel
one – by – one

Then laughter spreads
through open doors
one – by – one
they cling
to fear
one – by – one

And whispered words
so clear I hear
one – by – one
they follow me
one – by – one
I’m not

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