The Eye of Odin

The eye of Odin,
seeing all
and knowing none.

Traded for the knowledge,
of what’s hidden
behind the door.

It’s reaching,
grasping out
from the unknown

Odin laughs,
for now
he knows it all.

But in the darkness
even that knowledge
can lock your fall.

And the key
once never lost,
now just a relic,
stolen by the frost.



In our hearts
or in our minds?

Forever crying
in disguise.

Pretending to be flying
while your heart is slowly dying.

What experience to share?

And what then
should we never
unlock again?

It’s hard to see
and even harder to say.

It’s hard to be
and even harder to stay.

Through the silence
with that edge of light,
through the laughter,
with a tear in your eye,
the stream of life
slowly carries us away,
from laughter
and the pain.

Farewell to Dreams

Through the night, calmly, my ship sails.

Through the skies, boldly, on a summer breeze.

And the clouds tearing, like paper under scissors,
apart for me.

The gentle currents pushing my ship, far away,
into the open sea.

Pushing all my feelings, to break apart,
’till I cannot see.

Even the smallest little detail, of the life,
I used to live

So I drift away in silence, from all I hold
quite dear to me

And with a whisper caught in silence,
my farewell to the dreams.


In a world full of sorrow and laughter,
we find ourselves.

Laughing at the stars and crying,
when they fail.

We search for the answer.

Unrelenting, always.

Never mind the consequences,
avoiding a total disaster.

Through the storm we sail,
on the ships that much too often
fall apart like clay.

With this in the mind and the fear
of unknown,
how can we (n)ever stray?

A question arises,
no different
than the answers we seek –

– unknown, and just beyond
our reach.

What did we ask?

What did we want to know?

Just a feeling
or something more,
rooted deep below?

In the end you remember,
the answer –

– just a trick,
and the impossible question,
what really makes us tick?


I look left, and to the right.

You’re nowhere to be found.

I look up and even under a chair.

Just lonelines,
enough to go around.

On this cool city night,
I must sleep without.

But when I close these
sometimes over tired eyes,
I can see another pair
staring right back at me.

Can’t say I know them,
but I feel their care for me.

Every time I see them
it feels better to be,
my only companion
to always walk with me.

Po slovensko

In a Point

It’s anywhere and everywhere I look.

From a call in the night to a silent whisper in the light.

It’s resisting.

It’s resisting my silent urge to see.

My silent urge to see its face.

Not much can it now conceal,
those hidden eyes its greatest appeal.

It’s just one  more lie to keep following the lead.

Out from the shadows it now jumps
to drown the silence and eat my night.

How in the world could I feel like this,
if it wasn’t for my disbelief?

The night eaten and the silence gone,
that thing I cannot see and again I am done.

Now I am silence and I am night.

Even the stars can burn in colours much too bright.

On the Edge

On the edge of the night.

On the edge of what’s right.

Some tiny words shine through,
trying to tell us what’s true.

You don’t believe them,
but neither do I

It’s another illusion,
its goals set up too high.

In another life maybe we shall see
what they have come to be.

That simplicity,
one golden thread.

Break it
and all our dreams
will end up dead.

In the end
we all shall fly.

Some into the darkness
the others onwards,
to the light.

Far Away

Over the hills and far away,
a land of shadow lay.
But when I got there,
all I could see
were shining lights,
blinding me.
over the hills and far away,
that’s where my home used to lay.
Now nothing more than a shadow cast
upon the things that brightened up my past.
Lights behind and dark ahead,
return I can’t to that promised land.
It’s all illusions and nothing real,
sometimes I wonder,
why should I heal?
My past is blocked,
my look up front.
With a promise:
To the shadow surrender
and you will be reborn.
I am done now, it is done,
swallowed by the darkness,
soon even the memory will be gone.

The Heart of the World

Turning ’round on the fields,
green fields, gently caressed
by a lazy wind.
Slowly changing landscape,
broken to pieces by concrete,
given life from the sun.
Protected from the bad
by a wall of hills,
marking the cage.
Suffering no intrusion,
and no escape.
Fast rivers and still ponds
reflect our hearts
on their ever changing surface.
Most never see their own.
Up in the distance
 and from a height,
the three-headed watcher
sees you and lies.
Your every move,
just it’s disguise,
before you have even
opened your eyes.
Its focus on others,
never on self.
With that as our model
of virtue itself.
Its intrigue will ensnare you
and grey clouds then
cover the sky,
’till the freedom of life
is lost in the distance
and time turns it to story
of the ancient, foolish past.

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