you travelers dear!

from far, and from near!

Welcome to heaven
and welcome to hell!

Stay for a while
then go, and be well!


Like our body, each one of our ideas and wishes has to go through
the process of creation, before it emerges as a new business, book, movie, song, etc.

An artist, a creator, eager to share his work must start somewhere. Almost always those beginnings are humble, and pale in comparison with that person’s (later) fully realised creative potential.

Like a child
that grows and evolves until he/she grows up, we evolve and develop our ideas.
When we develop an idea to the point, where we can start realizing it,
we start searching for ways to realize and perfect our visions
in the world around us.

The same as a child in our wide world, our vision can die or get corrupted,
if we don’t take proper care of it or don’t put enough effort into getting it through.

Those beginnings are often hard, painful, and full of uncertainties. They also shape, and perfect the person into the beautiful masterpiece they are meant to be.

This blog is just one of such stories in life.


With the help of this blog
I would like to share,
and experience my being

With everyone wandering
through this site
either by mistake
or on purpose


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