Behind the Mask

About me… What about me?
Isn’t that the person… I mean purpose, of this blog?
To share my stories, and everything…
There are a few details I probably won’t include in my other writings,
and them I can clarify here.


Anyway, I am the Guy (Gaj) from an awesome, beautiful, little, messed up place commonly known as Slovenia.

My life is pretty much random, unpredictable, as is my appearance, and sometimes the way I act, and express myself.

I have been, and still am, moving around a lot – the pleasures, and pains of being able to call many places your home. The only stability in my life comes from within me – such as it is.

All the time I am meeting new people, and slowly losing contact with the old. Not really on purpose, it just becomes too much after a while.

I see my life as a mess of many different stuffs, and my world as a place of lingering confusion, and perpetuating mystery.

Above all else, I consider myself a person, and a writer ~ a creator.

Any reason you want to contact me for – go for it.


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