In another life we sailed
the oceans of this world

In another life we learned
the stories to unfold
of laughter, love and pain,
sunken suns and broken wings,
higher goals
than we ever dreamed.

In another life we’ve been
fantasising over every thing.

The blissful state
of timeless trance

The memories
of yet another dance
spinning under leaves and twigs,
our hearts rejoicing
from the endless swings.

We swam towards
the farthest shore,
our horison sea
– and nothing more,
every warning
of our bodies
we ignore.

Your strength was failing,
so did mine

Only one has sunk,
the other drowned.

A foreign shore
so full of sand,
breathtaking picture,
but I was blind.

My heart was empty,
your eyes were gone

Only echoes in the silence
of the void.



Flies around us,
heated grasp

Annoying feelings,
of distant past

Looking forward,
we could make it last

Forests green,
rivers clean,
your eyes,
and warmest touch

All is passing
into silence,

Hearts are
beating fast

Just a moment
of sheer sadness,
that will always
hurt too much

Paths, GOOD BYE!

Further down,
and farther still,
behind my back

The paths
I trod at will

Now all black,
a shadow field

to places light
my feelings grow

To stay,
and fight,
and never
let it go


I set to sail
with you,
out there
to the edges
of my world

I set out to find
that thing,
extremely rare
among the people
still and cold

To love,
be loved,
and a heart to share
all the empty spaces
I have called

But winds have changed
along the way
you sailed so far,
too far away

Left me standing
on my ship,
left me waiting
on my trip

Betrayed the trust
I placed with you,
replaced with darkness,
and gloom

Pretty pictures
you have painted
I’d guess
to make me stay

Dreaming dreams
so stupidly inflated
and it made me sway
from gentle whispers
of my feeling heart
that simple understanding
can only go two-way


The skies unfolding,
on itself

The paintings pretty,
empty canvases
and melodies
starting off
– again

The pins all holding
too intense

The water falling,
all pretense

Will of Life

Faced with teary eyes,
in a broken mirror-glass

Deadly shadows
and their poison
through the guts

Mind revolving,
running crazy
in the thoughts of night

Walls and prison,
builds defences,
I’m not taking part

Spikes for towers,
through the heart

Just a whisper
from its height

empty feelings
out of sight

Breaking towers
made by mind

Leaping through
the empty dark

Worthless feelings
all ignite,

Shouting echoes
through the sky
to trust the way,
and will of life


No more the looks
through centres fly

No more the books
to feed this empty lie

No more the hooks
grappling down my life

The winds have changed
and brought them
all to knees

The winds insane
have torn
foundations out


The houses
of the living,
and with them
all doubt

Only dead
left standing


from the ground


What’s worth writing,
what’s worth saying?

What words
worth nothing,

What words
worth slaying?

they are,
and stand as one.

Broken down,
fleeting image,
are we same?

and confusion,
walls and prisons,
made of words

they falter,
by none

Freedom sweet
when words
are gone

Simple Feelings

As far
as simple feelings go

In the moment,
in the flow

In you I feel
this welcome heat

To you I turn
in every beat

in every now
I’ve ever liven
in every vow
I’ve ever given,
broken, or receiven.

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